How to overcome rejection?

Is there any easy quicky recipe to delete this emotion from our lives? I don’t think so 😓 but something I found is: From which side I’m watching all this? like a victim? like a solver? hmmm… 😏

When you stop watching from victim side you will realize that the other side is better, hurt less and more important help you grow.

You have 2 choices stay like a victim or take the control of your life and finally ask for solutions. Too many times I faced rejection: parents, friends, unknow people, boyfriends, etc – but – I decide #tearsnomore and just accept that maybe I’m, not the problem, maybe they are not ready for me or their universes are different – so – why always think like come on I’m ugly, I’m the bad one, I’m this or that 😒 I don’t want you to blame them just realize that probably the world isn’t behind you and you are acting as a dramatic bitch for getting more attention or get some kind of “fake love”; something I realize in my last relationship was that I was craving for attention, I don’t even care about him, was just ME! Always thinking about me and playing a victim when he doesn’t give me time, honestly, if I was him I should break up with me too 😁 Yeah, took me tons of drinks, tears, and fights with myself realize this.

At the end of the day, we are here to learn and grow. Ask yourself: Why I’m facing this rejection? What I need to learn? What I’m not able to see? Remember that if you don’t learn and change – the universe – will make you repeat over and over again the same experience – and – come on, nobody wants to be the silly man or girl 🙅 who repeats the same mistake and isn’t able to see what’s going on 🙇 #wearedamnsmart

Important Questions:

  • What means rejection for me?
  • Are people rejecting me or MAYBE it’s me?
  • I want to overcome this or not?
  • What if people are just a reflection of my own self?
  • I’m surrounded by positive people?
  • I have negative people around me 24/7?
  • I can forgive?

We can overcome everything, is damn hard I know but the question is simple: I want fix it or not? Honestly when I start feel like a victim I slap my face for wake up ! Victims are not happy and I want be a happy person in peace with myself 😁

I hope this help you a little bit 😊 Wish you all the best and please … dont let stupid people ruin your life ! XOXO

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    Jyoti Chakrborty

    That is love you siso ❤❤❤❣❣💟


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    Jyoti Chakrborty

    Very helpful dear #nomoretears..

    Love you sisodiya❤❤❣❣❣

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    1. Thxs u babe love u more 🥰


  3. Hey such a positive thoughts keep it up girl.

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    1. Thanks you babe 😍